Admissions Support Services


StudentScout provides an impactful compliment to any admissions team by centralizing repeatable, high-frequency, admissions processes; helping schools reach their goal of more starts, more quickly, at a lower cost per start. Leveraging our proprietary technology and proven processes, StudentScout provides colleges and universities the following services:

Lead Qualification
Using co-authored scripts, our centralized admissions center contacts and qualifies prospective students before conferencing them in with your advisors or scheduling an appointment.

Inbound Inquiry Support
StudentScout provides a confident first impression to prospective students, gathering critical information before they continue the enrollment process.

Interview and Open House Assistance
Powered by our proprietary Inquiry Response Management (IRM™) technology, we customize contact strategies that increase show rates.

Application Completion Services
Through our Advanced Lead Qualification technology, process tasks are effectively managed so that students are properly informed and prepared.

Marketing Communication Assistance
StudentScout manages literature fulfillment so that interested students get the information they need to make an informed decision.


StudentScout Retention Services provide feedback on student attitudes and influences that can ultimately impact retention rates. Our high-touch strategy provides students an opportunity to share critical information in a timely manner through the following programs:

New Student Care
A student's initial experience can have a major impact on his or her desire to stay engaged. StudentScout surveys students upon their start, after their first week, and after their first 30 days, helping to identify "early at-risk" students.

Student Engagement
We understand the importance of retaining your students and we have a proven methodology for helping you do just that. Based on pre-determined milestones or "red flag" warnings, we reach out to your students and identify influencers that impact student satisfaction and persistence.

Program Satisfaction
The quality of your programs can be measured by how well a graduate fits into his or her new job as well as an employer's view of how well prepared they were. StudentScout gathers critical feedback from graduates and employers and provides actionable reporting that helps support gainful employment initiatives.


So much of the prospective student's experience is dependent upon the interaction they have with your admissions team. Making sure you have the right people in those positions is essential to improving conversion rates.

Through PeopleScout, the world's largest Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) provider, StudentScout clients have access to a proprietary applicant tracking system and revolutionary processes that simplify and standardize candidate sourcing, selection, hiring, and on-boarding. PeopleScout provides a full complement of RPO services including:

  • Employment marketing, brand creation, & microsite development
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Screening
  • Interview scheduling
  • Offer administration
  • Pre-employment check coordination
  • On-boarding services
  • Reporting & analysis

By implementing a customized recruitment solution, our clients experience decreased time to hire, improved fill rates, reduced early-stage turnover, minimized administrative effort, and compliant recruitment processes.